Why I’m Living Abroad to Buy a Home in the U.S.

The 30 countries that are best for your money, according to expats. Moving abroad may sound like a grand adventure, but most people who do it are after one thing: a paycheck. The lion’s share of global expats – 41% – relocated because of their career or their partner’s career, whether by choice or out of necessity,

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Sending Money to Buy an Overseas Property: What You Need to Know. This information will help you choose the best way to remit a large amount of money for purchasing property overseas like buying a house or home, investing in land or property.. U.S. taxes will apply. Apart from this, there.

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If you are retired and neither you nor your spouse works while abroad: In this situation, you have a difficult decision to make: Either pay monthly Medicare Part B premiums for coverage you can’t use outside the United States, or delay enrollment until you return to the U.S. and then become liable for permanent late penalties.

Having friends or family abroad may be another reason for you to favor one country over another. You might even be interested in searching for your roots in order to live in the country of your ancestors. In this way, you are already somewhat familiar with the culture, language, and people.

And now, we’ve found a perfect compromise for that money: Buy a house back in the U.S. as an investment property, and use the income it generates to continue traveling and living abroad. We’re not the first people to deal with the U.S.’s high cost of living, rising real estate prices, and student loan debt by living abroad for a couple of years.

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Living abroad, like living anywhere, is all about trade-offs. Think long and hard about what you value and what you’re willing to do without in order to have what’s most important to you. If freedom, opportunity, and adventure are your priorities, you’ll find them in Central America.