Tom Petty’s Daughters And Widow Are In Legal Battle Over His Estate

Tom Petty’s widow in legal battle with his daughters: report In a new legal filing, widow Dana York Petty has accused the rock legend’s two daughters from a previous marriage, Adria and Annakim Petty, of making it impossible to manage his estate, reports TMZ.

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It appears that the late Tom Petty’s widow and his two daughters are now locked in a serious legal battle feuding over his will and his stash of unreleased music. petty passed away in October of 2017 and now TMZ have reported that his wife Dana York Petty and his two daughters Adria and Annakim [.]

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York is not the daughters' mother as they are children born of Petty's first marriage.. control of assets to a successor fiduciary, in this case, Petty's spouse.. the widow recently filed a petition requesting that the court appoint a.

Tom Petty's widow, daughters in legal battle over his trust. Petty insisted that his daughters also have power in any of the estate's decisions.

A legal battle between Tom Petty’s widow and his two daughters is reportedly holding back the release of the expanded version of the late-Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s wildflowers solo album. Petty’s widow, Dana York Petty , planned to include unreleased tracks from her husband’s celebrated 1994 solo album on a 25th anniversary edition box set for the album.

Tom Petty’s widow and his two daughters are reportedly locked in a fierce legal battle as they feud over the late singer’s will and the future of his unreleased music.

filed a petition filed in Los Angeles County court on Tuesday claiming that Petty’s two adult daughters from his first marriage, Adria and Annakim, are making her job as directing trustee of his.

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Tom Petty's widow is being sued by his two daughters over alleged misappropriation of the singer's estate.

TMZ reported Tom Petty's widow is locked in a legal battle with the late rock legend's daughters over the handling of his estate.

Issues with Tom Petty's estate have escalated with Petty's daughters, lawsuit against his widow, Dana Petty, for "usurpation