Sweet, sweet justice: Florida homeowners foreclose on Bank of America – We Interrupt

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Sweet Justice! Couple in Florida Foreclose on Bank of America. Posted on June 4, 2011 by lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie | Leave a comment. You’ll all love this one! It’s a classic switcheroo! A Florida couple who paid 100% cash up front for their home was foreclosed by Bank of America.

Housing I could have lost my house today if I didn’t have a good emergency fund.. There are urban legends abound about a guy who purchased a $10k tax lien in Florida of a home owned by a big-wig CEO; apparently the mail never made it to the guy and his $1.5 MM home was foreclosed on for $10,000, but the reality is you get a decent return on.

The FCA said it is continuing to investigate Barclays Bank. "Today’s record fines mark the gravity of the failings we found. Bank of America and Citigroup have each paid billions of dollars in.

Homeowner Forecloses On Bank Of America !!!!!. the bank that tried to foreclose on their home. Now, the family is foreclosing on the bank!. "As a foreclosure defense attorney this is sweet.

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In 2009, a Fort Lauderdale man named Jason Grodensky bought a home in cash from Bank of America in a short sale. But in court, the foreclosure case continued and a judge ordered the property to be.