Southwest Airlines mistakenly tells travelers they’ve earned a coveted companion pass – Love Eat Travel TV with Michelle Valentine

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. escape for frequent travelers.. (See Priority Pass. southwest companion pass travel. to the American Airlines AAdvantage program tells you everything.

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Good – One of the best deals in the travel industries is Southwest’s "Companion Pass" – By using their credit card or flying so many flights you can earn the right for a companion to fly free on any of their flights for up to 23 months. This is an amazing program and may be the best deal in the industry.

Million Mile Secrets team member Harlan recently earned a Southwest Companion Pass. I’ll let him tell you about his experience! Harlan: Thank you Daraius! I’m happy to report it all went very smoothly! If you want to earn the Southwest Companion Pass with hotel points, you only have until March 31, 2017, before this method is gone forever.

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If you know you didn’t earn a Companion Pass I’m sure why you would be upset about an errant message. –TheMiddleSeat Same here – I saw it in my report but knew that I haven’t flown nearly enough this year to get there (yet).

The southwest airlines companion pass is so valuable that it’s in a class by itself. Bottom Line The Companion Pass is an incredibly lucrative benefit, and being able to utilize it for almost two years makes it even sweeter.

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