South Florida’s underwater homes are drying out

It runs along what constitutes high ground in South Florida – a narrow coral ridge that appears to stay dry when. of the expensive homes in Pinecrest? Maybe they won’t be so expensive once they.

City officials said Florida. south of Oakland Park Boulevard were closed. The city of Fort Lauderdale is prepared to fight.

Don’t let the Global Warmers alarm you. You won’t live to see any of the possible down side of global warming. As a geoscientist for over 40 years I’ve never bought into the fear mongering they depend on to get their research grants and to give th.

Water Under a House By John R. Schneider Mar 10, 2008, 19:11 . Q. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a strong musty smell in the living room and dining room. I looked all over for signs of moisture or leakage but did not find any. However, when I looked into the sub area the smell got worse, and I noticed standing water under my house.

Evans Salon, said he was blow drying. out the back emergency door,” she said. “We are so lucky no one was hurt.” While.

Predictions Put Some Of South Florida Under Water by 2025. According to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences, Miami and Hollywood are two of the dozens of coastal cities in the U.S. predicted to be washed away by rising sea levels this century.

The world is upside down again: Banks are walking away while homeowners are staying to fight for their neighborhoods. That’s what the team at Oppenheim Law realized after watching 60 Minutes’ latest piece on the foreclosure crisis. This time scott pelley focused on a neighborhood in Cleveland where officials has resorted to tearing down what were once perfectly good homes.

Leave with an increased awareness and appreciation of the need to protect and conserve the connected and interdependent ecosystem of South Florida.. exhibits including a mock-up of Aquarius, the world's only underwater ocean. and dry tortugas national Parks, and the National Wildlife Refuges of the Florida Keys.

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Rising seas burying houses doesn’t sound great, but what if your house is underwater already? Take that, nature! Let’s take a look at the 10 most amazing underwater buildings that actually.

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