Parental abortion consent bill passes Florida House, moves in Senate

 · Florida House OKs bill requiring parental abortion consent "Overwhelmingly, parents could offer a perspective, and advice and counsel, that is not available from any other person."

South Florida abortion. None of those bills passed, and a fetal heartbeat bill didn’t get a hearing. A bill that would have required parental consent for minors having an abortion passed the House.

The Florida House meets Tuesday to vote on HB 1335. Call your legislators and urge them to oppose this bill. Make the Call: oppose parental consent Bills for Abortions | ACLU of Florida

Legislation that would require consent from a parent or guardian before a girl under 18 could obtain an abortion has passed the florida house. florida House OKs bill requiring parental abortion.

Anderson (R-Prince William) in 2012 and resurfaced in 2015 when LaRock filed a bill identical to one passed that year by the GOP-controlled U.S. House. The U.S. Senate blocked action. 20 years to.

The bill now moves forward to another Senate committee. Florida currently requires that a parent be notified before a girl under age 18 has an abortion. Stargel’s bill would strengthen protections for minors and their unborn babies by requiring a parent’s consent.

A bill requiring minors to get a parent’s consent for abortions passed a House committee this week.The debate was mostly civil, but some audience members had to be escorted out.. Florida law says parents have to be notified when their daughters seek abortions. Under the proposal, parents would have to give their permission.

A bill that would require minors to have parental consent for abortions is now moving through the Florida Senate, after the Senate Health policy committee voted Monday to advance the bill. The 5-4.

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Bill that requires parental consent for a minor’s abortion advances in Florida House The House Health Quality subcommittee voted 10-4 Tuesday to approve House Bill 1335, which would prohibit a.

On Wednesday, after three hours of debate, the Florida House passed a bill (69-44) requiring parental consent before an abortion facility commits an abortion on a young woman under 18 years of age. A similar bill is pending in the state Senate.

A Florida bill that would force minors to get parental consent for abortions passed the House judiciary committee yesterday. The ACLU warns the bill will hurt underage girls if enacted.

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