How to Change Your Name in Florida

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To change your name, submit a petition to your local superior court that details the reasons you’d like to change your name. After the court approves your request, you’ll then need to update your social security card, driver’s license, and passport.

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Polk County Clerk of Courts & County Comptroller – Polk County, Florida. You can find an electronic packet for Name Change (Adult) in the related documents at. If you want a change of name for your child(ren) because of an adoption or.

Changing your or your child's name is a very deep, personal decision.. jacksonville Name change lawyer online or call our Name Change attorney. duties and responsibilities that are involved in Florida Estate Administration and Probate.

A free non-profit service for completing your name change in Florida. We also help people change their gender on Florida state and federal forms (Birth Certificate, Social Security, Driver License, and Passport).

Other documents you need to certify a change of name in Florida include: Marriage certificate. Proof of identity such as your driver’s license, state-issued non-driver’s ID card or U.S. passport. The SSA may also be able to accept an employer ID card, school ID card, health insurance card or U.S. military ID card.

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Florida Legal Name Change Form . Complete the form below to get started. Please enter your information carefully and completely, as documents will be emailed to you.

After you change your legal name, you must change the name on your Florida driving license within 30 days of making the name change. However, your DMV name change must match the information on file with the SSA, so you must update your name with the SSA beforehand.

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