Black writer promotes diversity in the comic book industry

The Good Agency, the brainchild of author Shukla and literary agent and Julia Kingsford, intends to work with “exceptional” writers who identify as black and minority. s commitment to do more to.

A secret facebook group of DC, Marvel, Image Comics and other writers, including B. Clay Moore, Isaac Goodhart, Kelly Thompson and Taylor Esposito, revealed that some of the comic industry.

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ATLANTA VOICE – Lack of Black representation in the comic book world is what writer Devyn Nicole is attempting to remedy with her comic “Zara: The.

African-American women take on the comic book industry. There are a handful of high-profile black women in superhero comics (most notably Storm, Vixen and Misty Knight), but the group puts a spotlight on those from the non-cape and indie world – characters like Tesana, the misfit in "A Home for Mr.

Saunders and his collaborators included pieces in the exhibit that show the comic book industry. movie with a Black leading role and an entirely black central cast. But Saunders says he thinks.

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In fact, books with animals in them far outweighed the number of books featuring Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or Pacific.

Here are five black-owned publishers currently operating in the US, offering you everything from poetry and children’s books to academic texts: kassahun checole, a native of Eritrea who immigrated to upstate New York in the 1970s, founded Africa World Press & The red sea press in 1983.

Comic Book and Merchandise Stores Africomics. Self-described as a black comic book portal, Africomics is a nexus of resources for the black comic book lover. It highlights how to access digital.

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 · Superhero Comics Have a Race Problem.. Now Coates will get a chance to try his own hand at the genre as the writer of the forthcoming Black Panther. the comic book industry remains closer to.

Despite the criticisms, Greg Pak, the writer of Action Comics -as well as a creator-owned title about an Asian-American gunslinger -notes that diversity is making its way into the mainstream as well. "I love that DC’s hired both me and Gene Yang to write Superman books," said Pak.